Thursday, 6 March 2008

BBC Motion Gallery

The BBC Motion Gallery gives access to more than 300,000 hours of video content from the BBC archive spanning more than 70 years, with 50,000 clips ready for download. Footage has been derived from broadcast programming and, in many cases, from programme rushes. Much of the content has never been seen before. The Gallery exclusively contains a number of additional archives including ABC, CBS News, Huntley Film Archive, Japan Broadcasting Corporation and more.

The main subject areas for this resource are news, sport, history, lifestyle, travel, science and technology, and the natural world.

The JISC service allows all staff and students of subscribed institutions to access a vast collection of clips for use in presentations, lectures, coursework and media.

Access: Log into iLink the library catalogue and search for BBC Motion Gallery, access instructions are included in the catalogue record.

Duration: Until 28th March 2008

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