Monday, 3 March 2008

Introducing the new "Off-Prints Collection Service"

We’re introducing a new Off-Prints Collection Service at the LRC. It’s offered as an alternative for items that are not eligible to be scanned and uploaded into WebCT modules under the CLA Trial Scanning Licence.

For staff: If you have an article that you would like to make available to your students but it has been published in the United States or elsewhere outside the UK and therefore scanning is not permitted, the Off-Prints Collection Service may be the answer. Normal copyright regulations will apply – only one article per issue of a journal or one chapter or 5% of extracts from a book.

The LRC must hold the original of the journal or book. If an electronic copy is held, a paper copy cannot be included in this collection. However, if the article or chapter is not held by the LRC or is not eligible for copying under the Copyright Licensing Agency’s Licence, it may be possible to request a copyright cleared copy for inclusion in this collection.

This service allows up to three photocopies of an article to be kept, for consultation by students and will be held behind the LRC Service Desk. If you would like to make a request, please complete the online request form which can be found in the “Information for Academic Staff” section of the LRC website or via:

For students: This is a new service that is coming soon.. Listen for announcements from your tutors that items are available in the Off-Print Collection, keep a look-out for new entries in the iLink catalogue and notices on the plasma screens.

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