Friday, 27 June 2008

Changes to the way you access electronic books

Access to ebrary - our electronic book collection - has changed. You are no longer prompted to enter your ATHENS username and password. Instead, access is direct through recognition of the IP address.

If you are on-campus, this means access is seamless through the staff or student desktop. Search for an ebook in iLink or Quest or the ebrary database as before and simply click on the URL, 'connect to this ebook via ebrary' or book title (in ebrary).

For those of you off-campus, this means that you will now have to log-on to the network remotely before being able to access ebooks the same way as those on-campus as above. Details of how to log-on to the remote desktop can be found via:

By logging on to the remote desktop, you will have seamless access to ebooks as well as databases, the majority of ejournals, Reference Manager and SPSS without any need for additional usernames and passwords so it is worthwhile spending 5-10 minutes setting it up.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Put out to pasture

We've weeded some of our old stock which is now available for you to purchase in our Book Sale. With the arrival of the new shelving for Current Journals, the Book Sale shelves were moved to the West Wing and can now be found opposite the Postgraduate Study Room.

For your browsing pleasure, a selection of older edition textbooks and fiction have been put on a trolley near the Service Desk.

Speculation is rife over whether more fiction or textbooks will sell. Prices start from 50p so come along and have a look...