Monday, 15 June 2009

Feedback from the Student Survey: Longer hours and 24 hour opening

In the LRC user survey, 65% of respondents thought our term-time opening was just right, however 28% thought they were too short. You also commented that we should be open 24 hours and longer at weekends. A greater percentage - 75% - thought our vacation hours were about right, with only 14% saying they were too short. Some respondents didn’t know what the vacation hours were and some said that they should be the same as term-time.

So what's happening with 24/7 access to the main, secure area of the LRC? As you will know, we have our LRC terraces with IT access available at all times but the secure area of the LRC - through the speedgates - remains inaccessible. Despite being designed to be available at all times, with automated systems to issue and return resources and hi-tech security, we remain at the mercy of health and safety, the local authority and the fire service who remain reluctant to have such a large area without fire marshal cover. We are working closely with colleagues in Estates and Facilities to resolve this and rest assured it remains at the top of our priorities.

When we ultimately implement 24-hour opening, then you will be able to access all our printed resources as well as borrow and return items but the LRC will still not be staffed, as usage simply could not justify the expenditure which we think is better spent on additional physical resources. In the meantime, 24-hour access is still available on the terraces which contain terminals and printing/copying facilities. We have increased the number of multi-function devices on the top terrace to provide resilience during the night. Security are able to open all three terraced areas if demand is high. Catering have also installed a multi-vend machine which is accessible during the night and we are working with them to look at drinking water supply.

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