Monday, 22 June 2009

Feedback from the student survey: LRC Spaces

In the LRC User survey, we asked you which spaces you used in the LRC and this is how you responded:

Please tell us which learning spaces you have used within the Learning Resource Centre
Silent study room: 14.80% 86
Quiet study rooms: 19.28% 112
Quiet IT study rooms: 15.15% 88
Study carrels: 9.81% 57
Group study rooms: 21.17% 123
Post-graduate study rooms: 7.75% 45
Academic Reserve: 10.50% 61
Other (please specify): 1.55% 9

Some of the 'other' answers were:

computer workshops
Effective learning service
Far, far too few quiet study areas with PC access. This is a massive issue. I frequently come into uni at the weekend or wait until evening to get a quiet space to work, away from people laughing, shrieking etc
Group study areas, quiet comfy chairs
I have only used the carrel's once and I find they are claustrophobic, and there was no power point to plug the lap top into the bridge area

Our previous blog entry has dealt with quiet and silent study spaces, but we are also making some changes over the summer that we hope will make a difference and improve the service we provide.

We are reconfiguring the academic reserve room to become a quiet study space with 6 fixed terminals and power for using our loan laptops. Whilst the Short Loan collection and DVD collection will remain in this room, the Study Skills collection is being integrated into the main lending stock. Excess shelving has been relocated to the top of the LRC outside the post-grad room.

The LRC bridge area is being reconfigured as a mobile phone zone, so you can take and make phone calls in this area without having to leave the secure area of the LRC itself. Hopefully you will all use this rather than disturb those studying elsewhere. Please don't use your mobile phone anywhere else in the secure LRC as this really annoys everyone - staff will ask you to take your call elsewhere!

The IT labs which we piloted last semester as quiet IT labs when not in use for teaching will now officially be designated quiet areas.

We have requested that additional power points be installed in the study carrels with Estates and Facilities. Initial responses have indicated that this may be an expensive exercise but if it is affordable we will implement this.

There will be more terminals installed on the LRC terraces but we will also be providing one empty hexagonal desk per terrace for those that may want to study here without IT or who want to plug in their own laptop for using on our wireless network. We have also increased the number of printer/copiers on the terraces to 4 and they are now doubled up so that if one has a problem, the nearest device is immediately next to it. We know that this is important for 24/7 access when we may not be able to fix the device quickly.

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