Monday, 6 July 2009

Feedback from the student survey: Loan Periods

Over the summer vacation the LRC is considering changes to loan periods and our charging structure. This is due in part to comments received from the recent LRC survey.

Students have commented in particular on the length of time that DVDs can be borrowed, which is currently 1 day. We are looking at ways of perhaps increasing this loan period to 2 or 3 days. However, we are aware that some students need a “quick turn-around” of stock, as they often need access to a particular DVD for a module, so their needs will be taken into account.

Other LRC users have said that they would like the books in the Short Loan Collection to be available for longer than 4 hours. The items in this area are reviewed at regular intervals with the help of the teaching staff of the University. We will continue to liaise with the teaching staff to ensure that the loan periods for these particular items best suit the needs of all users.

Our charging structure is in place to ensure that the maximum number of users get access to LRC material. Most libraries charge fines to encourage the return of items. However the charges we currently have in place will be revisited over the vacation to ensure that users are not charged unfairly.

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