Tuesday, 21 July 2009

How to find the online timetable

Here at the LRC, we are asked about where to find the online timetable and how to use it. We thought these instructions may be helpful:
  • From the QMU website
  • Go to the 'Quick Links' at the top right hand corner of the homepage and choose 'Timetable' in the scroll down menu or
  • Click on the blue box at the bottom of the homepage entitled 'Timetable for Students' where you will be directed to the timetables information webpage

We suggest that you start by printing the 'Guide: how to view your timetable' as this will provide step-by-step instructions. You will then be ready to access your timetable and can do so by clicking the link 'Access your timetable: http://o.qmu.ac.uk/o!Web/ '

If you experience any technical difficulties in accessing your timetable, please contact either timetable@qmu.ac.uk or the relevant School Office.

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