Friday, 10 July 2009

Using digitised articles or book chapters in your WebCT modules

It is not too early for Academic Staff to submit Scanning requests now to the LRC Scanning Services if you would like to include digitised copies of articles or book chapters/extracts as PDF files in your WebCT modules in the new academic year.

To fulfil the requirements of the Copyright Licensing Agency, you will need to submit a request form for each item - even if it is the same item that was included in the last academic year.

The online CLA Scanning Request form is available on the LRC website, at

May we please remind all Academic Staff that under the terms of the CLA Scanning Licence, the preparation and distribution of digitised copies is restricted to the LRC Scanning Service. Please do not make and upload digital copies of articles or book chapters/extracts yourself as this would be in contravention of our Photocopying and Scanning Higher Education Licence.

May we also remind you that instead of including articles from E-Journals or chapters from E-Books in your WebCT modules, you should instead include permanent links to these items. These links will then allow access to authorised users as required under the terms of the electronic resources licences. The LRC Scanning Services will be happy to provide you with the permanent links for articles from E-Journals or E-Books.

More information about what can be digitised and uploaded to WebCT under the terms of the Licence can be found on our Scanning Services webpage -

Please bear in mind that the CLA may carry out, at any time, an audit of any material included in WebCT and that non-compliance with the regulations could result in our Licence being revoked and a large fine.

Please contact Nik Hussin at the LRC if you have any questions about the Scanning Licence and the Scanning services that the LRC offers.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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