Thursday, 19 November 2009

Scanning requests just got easier

In cognisance of feedback from academic staff and in support of the university's aim to rationalise administrative procedures, we are simplifying scanning requests.

Academic staff will no longer have to complete the online scanning request form to request a chapter or article to be uploaded to their modules in WebCT. Simply email the following details to and the LRC Scanning Services team will do the rest:

1. Module code
2. Number of students
3. Module start date and end date
4. Title of book or journal
5. Title of chapter or article

We are also happy to work with bibliographic lists.

If you have requested the material before in a previous semester or academic year, simply email us to let us know if you wish to make the material available again and we will upload the digital copy to the current version of the module on WebCT.

Under the terms of the CLA Scanning Licence, the preparation and distribution of digitised copies is restricted to the LRC Scanning Services. Please do not make and upload digital copies (aka PDFs) of articles or book chapters/extracts yourself as this would be in contravention of our Photocopying and Scanning Higher Education licence.

The LRC Scanning Services can also provide you with permanent links to electronic resources which you can upload as web links to your modules.

We're ready and waiting for scanning requests for Semester 2 so get emailing!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Temporary blocked access to MyiLibrary eBooks

There have been a few instances over the past week where users haven’t been able to access particular titles through MyiLibrary which have been temporarily blocked.

The explanation for this from MyiLibrary is as follows:

MyiLibrary uses advanced security software to protect the copyright of the eBooks available for access. This software is designed to detect and prevent any usage that is consistent with a breach in copyright such as spidering software attempting to copy a large amount of pages. As a result of this sometimes genuine accounts on MyiLibrary that have similar usage patterns are locked while the usage is examined.

They advise that the best way to avoid this lock-out happening is by using the Table of Contents or Search facilities rather than quickly moving from page to page through large sections of a book.

Lock outs will typically be for a 12 hour period and the time access is due to be reinstated is displayed when someone tries to access one of the affected titles.

This has happened before during busy periods and is something that has been raised as a concern with the supplier by QM and other libraries using this platform.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

iTunesU coming soon

Here at QM, we are building our iTunesU site and hope to go live very soon. There is a lot of amazing material that is already available via WebCT, various servers as well as our web pages. It is our aim to have these audio and video files accessible from one place and encourage interests in other disciplines.

There is a lot of new material being recorded such as professorial lectures and guess speakers. Arun Gandhi recently gave a talk at the university. Click here to see the video.