Friday, 9 July 2010

Comments from the LRC Survey 2010

When asked about their space usage in the LRC Survey 2010, 116 respondents had used the Group Study rooms; 168 had used the Quiet Study/Quiet IT rooms and 77 had used the Silent Study room. Comments included that there were too few quiet study areas with IT and comments regarding the temperature in various rooms.

There were many comments on the levels of acceptable noise in the LRC. We know we can't please everyone on the noise issue - there have been some who have asked for the whole of the LRC to be made silent and others who think it's great as it is. All we can do is ask users to respect the quiet and silent areas and think of your neighbours. If you're in a Quiet Study room and need to make a call, please go to the Phone Zone or to the terraces. We're asking the LRC staff to be even more vigilant and if groups are spotted using the Quiet Study rooms, we'll ask them to move to another area. Likewise, we ask our users not to leave bags and coats on a chair at a terminal all day, even when you're in classes.

87% of respondents thought our term-time staff hours were just right. Comments included a lack of staff support through the night and asking for additional rooms to be made available such as the Post-grad room. We've listened to your comments and where practicable, we will open the Post-grad room during the night in term-time. Please note there is an additional fire exit in this space. We cannot, however, do the same with the Quiet Study rooms as there are no additional fire exits from these areas.

78% of respondents thought our vacation staffed hours were about right with only 9% saying they were too short. One person suggested that staff also needed to be present at the weekend in the summer. The LRC was staffed last summer at the weekends but the low number of users coming in to use the facilities meant that it was not cost-effective - especially now that we have 24/7 opening.

More feedback to follow soon so watch this space...