Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Electronic Resources

The Library has made some changes to its electronic resources for 2015:
ScienceDirect - the journals we have access to have moved to electronic only, with the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology being added to the list.
BMJ journals - these have also moved to electronic only. We still retain access to the print+electronic versions of the BMJ itself.
Taylor and Francis - We have taken the new Social Sciences and Humanities deal. Journals have moved to electronic only.
Wiley - we will have access to the full collection of electronic journals via SHEDL (Scottish Higher Education Digital Library)
RCN titles - Current material is no longer available from CINAHL, however existing content to Nov 2014 will remain available. We have placed orders for 3 titles – Nurse Researcher, Nursing Management and Nursing Older People.
American Psychological Association - We have cancelled our 6 print titles and subscribed to the new Eduserv deal for psycarticles
HeinOnline and Westlaw - Subscriptions to these law databases have been taken out to support the new MSC in Dispute Resolution.
The electronic journals Gastronomica and Food and Foodways have also been purchased to support the MSc in Gastronomy.

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