Tuesday, 30 August 2016

LRC Survey 2016

Many thanks to everyone who completed our 2016 LRC survey.  Unfortunately we only had 36 responses.  Here are some headline figures:

87% are students, of which the majority are full time.

It was quite an even split in School representation – 47% from ASSAM, and 53% from Health Sciences.

  • 83% agreed or strongly agreed that the LRC provided a good range of facilities and services
  • 88% agreed or strongly agreed that the LRC was clean
  • 58% agreed or strongly agreed that the LRC had modern, good quality equipment
  • …and in an improvement on last year, 61% agreed or strongly agreed the LRC’s atmosphere and appearance was appealing. 

We take all comments and findings into account when updating our operational plan, which you can find on the university website.

Please keep reading the blog and we’ll post further analysis over the coming months.

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